Minneapolis Truck Accident Attorney

Did you know that every 16 minutes a person is killed or sustains serious bodily injury in a truck accident involving semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, big-rig trucks, or 18-wheelers?

Over 45,000 people were killed or seriously injured in trucking accidents on our nation’s highways last year. That is over 100 people per day that are involved in a fatal or trucking injury accident. You deserve the right of an experienced truck accident lawyer to represent your case and protect your legal rights.

When you call the Law Offices of Crawford & Kestner we take immediate action by calling our team together and alerting them of all the actions necessary to take action against the trucking and insurance company.

Minnesota Truck Accident Lawyers

Minneapolis truck accident attorneys of Craford & Kestner represent clients throughout Minnesota. We have extensive truck accident injury experience both as private attorneys and representatives for trucking companies. Our truck accident lawyers have a unique experience having worked for trucking insurance companies in the past and now working on the side of automobile accident victims giving our law firm a unique edge.

When a truck accident occurs, representatives are rushed out from the trucking company including their lawyers and insurance agents to confront and intimidate witnesses and the injured. Trucking companies use this opportunity to gather protection for themselves and protect their very wealthy insurance coverages. Often, truck accident settlements result in million dollar results for the victim and thus the trucking companies work hard to avoid losing at all costs. An experienced Minneapolis truck injury lawyer can represent you from the moment of the accident (on scene) to the moment your case is settled and compensation is paid.

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If you or someone you love has been in a truck-related accident, you may be entitled to compensation to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages, pain and suffering. Our law firm will help you navigate the legal process, from start to finish, from building a strong case to recovering the money you and your family deserve.

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